Lies My Motherboard Told Me

Lies My Motherboard Told MeLies My Motherboard Told Me

Story / Illustrator: Paulo J. Hernandez

Colorist: Riham Zakaria


Isolated utopian city run by a hierarchy soon unravels when a sole survivor of a dying resistance exposes the lies behind the robots that care for the city.

Longer version:Robots02p1

Due to nuclear fallout and the devastating Proximity Virus the world’s population is reduced greatly. The atmosphere is left too poisonous to breathe, so the survivors come together to build a domed city suitable for sustaining life. Still being affected by the virus, most people are forced to live their lives through a robot surrogate. These surrogates become the new working class as the city is built. Artificial wombs are created to procreate as human touch is not an option. Many years pass and the city grows into a breeding ground for greed, which is where we find our protagonist. Zita vows revenge on the corruption of the city after losing a dear friend to it. Along with the help of Able K-Sector, Zenith, and robot Hazard, she acquires the strength and courage to go up against the Army of the 3rd Tier and stop the 1st Tier Families’ from corrupting the system; exposing the truth of what they have done.


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